Xibalba Arsenal

Various gear for various set and moniker types

  Access Virus TI Polar  
  AcidLab Blue Bassline 2  
  AcidLab Black Bassline 3  
  AcidLab Miami  
  Arturia BeatStep Pro  
  Arturia MicroBrute  
Audio Technica P610 microphone
  Audio Technica AT2020 microphone  
  Boss Dr. Pad DRP I, II & III  
  BlueBird Cardoid Condenser Mic  
  Brian Castro x0xi0 Rev B Synthesizer  
CAD GX2200 condenser microphone
  Casio CZ-1000 Phase Distortion Synth  
  Casio RZ-1  
  Chamber of Sounds Blip ii TheraSynth  
  Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot  
  Daren Ager Din Sync Divider  
  Elektron Analog Four  
  Elektron Analog Rytm  
  Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII  
  Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII  
  Elektron Octatrack DPS-1  
  Aluminium EIT-1 Ergonomic Interface Truss - Performance Case/Frame for Elektron Modules  
  Black EIT-1 Ergonomic Interface Truss - Performance Case/Frame for Elektron Modules  
  EMU Morpheus  
   Future-Retro Revolution  
GiG 9 piece drum set
  Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen II Pro  
  Innerclock Systems Sync-Shift MKIII  
  Jackson DXMG Dinky  
  Jackson KE5FR Kelly w/FloydRose  
  Jackson RR3 Rhoads  
  Korg Electribe ER-1  
  Korg iMS20  
  Korg KMS-30 MIDI Synchronizer  
  Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler  
  Ladyada x0xb0x w/ various mods  
  4 Nady DM70 drum microphones  
  1 Nady DM80 drum microphone  
  2 Nady CM88 drum microphones  
  Neumann TLM-103 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Mic   
  Novation BassStation rack  
  Novation Nova  
  Ovation Celebrity GC057  
  Quasimidi Sirius  
Remo dhamba drum
Remo rototoms
  Roland JD-800  
  Roland JSQ-60 DCB sequencer  
  Roland Juno-6  
  Roland Juno-60  
  Roland Juno-106 x2  
  Roland JX3P w/ PG200  
  Roland MC-202  
  Roland MKS 30 w/ PG200  
  Roland P-505  
  Roland R8MKII  
  Roland SC-155  
  Roland SH-101 gray  
  Roland SH-101 red  
  Roland SH-09  
  Roland SP-303  
  Roland SPD-S  
  Roland TB-303  
  Roland TB-303 Devilfish w/ Custom Alucase  
  Diabolical Devices Circuit Bent Roland TR-505  
  Roland TR-606 modified w/ multi audio outs and AnalogueSolutions tone box  
  Roland TR-606 modified w/ multi trigger outs  
  Roland TR-626  
  Diabolical Devices Circuit Bent Roland TR-707  
  Alien Devices Circuit Bent TR-727  
Shure 565 microphone
Shure SM-94 microphone
  Waldorf Blofeld  
Yamaha BB415 Bass Guitar
  Yamaha DD-55 Digital Percussion Kit  
  Yamaha FS1R Formant Synthesizer  
  Yamaha RM1X  
  Yamaha TG-33 FM Synth  
  Yamaha Tenori-On 16 x 16 LED button matrix performance sequencer  
Various other percussion instruments
  WMD/SSF Monolith  

  15IPS Tape Saturation ColourCV  
  4ms Buffered Multiple  
  4ms Noise Swash  
  4ms Pingable Envelope Generator  
  4ms Quad Clock Distributor  
  4ms Rotating Clock Divider  
  4ms RCD Breakout  
  4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier  
  4ms SCM Breakout  
  4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator  
  4ms VCA Matrix  
  Abstract Data ADE-32 Octocontroller  
  ADDAC Baby Frame  
  ADDAC 207 Intuitive Quantizer  
  ADDAC 503 Marble Physics  
  ADDAC 705 Stinggy Filter  
  ADDAC Upright Wood Frame  
  Alright Devices Chronoblob Digital Delay  
  ALM001 Pamela's Workout  
  ALM003 SID Guts  
  ALM004 D.S.G.  
  ALM005 Dinky’s Taiko  
  ALM006 S.B.G. x 2  
  ALM008 Pip Slope x2  
  ALM011 Akemie's Castle Dual 4 Operator Digital FM Oscillator  
  ALM013 Hasswell's Taiko  
  AMS AM-8071 Snowfall Filter  
  Analogue Solutions BD-78 CR78 style bass/conga/bongo drum  
  Analogue Solutions SH-NZ Sample & Hold with Noise  
  Analogue Systems RS-60 VC ADSR  
  Analogue Systems RS-110 MultiMode Filter  
  Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter  
  Analogue Systems RS-180 Logarithmic And Linear VCA  
  Analogue Systems RS-240 Bode Frequencey Shifter  
  Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller  
  Analogue Systems RS-500e EMS Synthi Filter  
  Analogue Systems RS-510e EMS Synthi Trapezoid Generator  
  Animodule TikTok Clock Divider/Multiplier  
  Apollo 6u Base Case  
  Audio Damage ADM01 DubJr Delay  
  Audio Damage ADM05 Aeverb  
  Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1  
  Audio Damage ADM10 Kompressor Stereo Dynamics  
  Audio Damage ADM11 Dimensions Stereo Chorus  
  Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Voice  
  Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre Stereo Freeze  
  Audio Damage ADM16 DubJR MK2 Synced Delay  
  Audiothingies CED Oscillator tuner | Sub octave generator  
  Bananalogue Serge VCS  
  Blacet Dark Star Chaos Noise Generator  
  Blacet EG1 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator  
  Blacet I/O Ext Dev Amp/Processor  
  Blacet Klang Werk Ring Modulator  
  Blacet Time Machine II Dual Voltage Controlled DSP  
  Black Market Modular Colour Palette  
  Blue Lantern Asteroid Bass Drum (White)  
  Blue Lantern Asteroid Bass Drum (Green)  
  Blue Lantern Asteroid Operator VCF (White)  
  Blue Lantern Buchla Tri Core Duo LFO (White)  
  Blue Lantern Buchla Tri Core VCO LMC (White)  
  Blue Lantern Duo Quantize  
  Blue Lantern LM4250 Voltage Controlled Filter (Green)  
  Blue Lantern FM Joystick (Black)  
  Blue Lantern ZeroThru VCO (White)  
  Blue Lantern The Mix (Green)  
  Bryan Benton Bitchin' Sync Din Multiple Sync Box  
  BubbleSound LvL+rm  
  BubbleSound uLFO Voltage Controlled LFO  
  BubbleSound vca4p  
  Buchla 208 Random Source Clone  
  Circuit Abbey ADSRjr Envelope Generator w/ Expansion  
  Circuit Abbey Invy  
  Circuit Abbey Gozinta  
  Circuit Abbey TripFire  
  Circuit Abbey Unify  
  Circuit Abbey Unify Input Expander  
  Cwejman ADSR-VC2 Dual Transient Generator  
  Cwejman CTG-VC Complex Transient Generator  
  Cwejman DMF-2 Two Modes Dual Filter  
  Cwejman MMF-1 Multi Mode Filter  
  Cwejman PH4 4 Phase Modulator  
  Cwejman VCO-2RM Dual Oscillator  
  Dave Jones O'Tool Oscilloscope  
  David Ingebretsen's re-issue Steiner Synthasystem VCF  
  Dave Smith DSM01 Curtis Filter  
  Din Sync DrumDokta  
  Din Sync MODSEQ roto sequencer x2  
  Din Sync VCF303  
  Doepfer A-100 Mini Case x3  
  Doepfer A-100P9 Suitcase 9U  
  Doepfer A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter  
  Doepfer A-106-5 12dB SEM Filter  
  Doepfer A-111 High-End VCO  
  Doepfer A-113 Subharmonic Generator  
  Doepfer A-117 Digital Noise / Random Clock / 808 Sound Source  
  Doepfer A-119 External Input / Envelope Follower  
  Doepfer A-120 24dB Low Pass Moog Style Filter  
  Doepfer A-124 EDP Wasp Style Filter  
  Doepfer A-130 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (Linear)  
  Doepfer A-131 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (Exponential)  
  Doepfer A-132-1 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier  
  Doepfer A-132-2 Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier  
  Doepfer A-132-3 Dual VCA  
  Doepfer A-133 Dual Voltage Controlled Polarizer  
  Doepfer A-134 Voltage Controlled Panner/Crossfader  
  Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper  
  Doepfer A-137-1 Wave Multiplier  
  Doepfer A-137-2 Wave Mult II  
  Doepfer A-138C Polarizing Mixer  
  Doepfer A-142-4 Quad Decay  
  Doepfer A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator/Quad AD/Quad LFO  
  Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR  
  Doepfer A-143-9 Quadrature LFO/VCO  
  Doepfer A-145 LFO x2  
  Doepfer A-148 Dual Sample & Hold / Track & Hold  
  Doepfer A-149-1 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages  
  Doepfer A-149-2 Digital Random Voltages  
  Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switch x4  
  Doepfer A-152 Voltage Addressed Track&Hold/Analog Shift Register (ASR)/Octal Switch (Multiplexer)  
  Doepfer A-154 Sequencer Controller  
  Doepfer A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer  
  Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer  
  Doepfer A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider  
  Doepfer A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer  
  Doepfer A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter/Modifier  
  Doepfer A-166 Dual Logic Module  
  Doepfer A-170 Dual Slew Limiter  
  Doepfer A-171-2 VC Slew Processor/Generator  
  Doepfer A-178 Theremin Control Voltage Source x2  
  Doepfer A-188-1 4096 Stage BBD  
  Doepfer A-183-2 Offset-Generator/Attenuator/Polarizer  
  Doepfer A-186 Gate/Trigger Combiner  
  Doepfer A-190-1 MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync Interface  
  Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop(PLL)  
  Doepfer A-198 Ribbon Controller  
  Doepfer A-199 Federhall/Spring Reverb  
  Doepfer MSY2 Midi to Sync Interface  
  Dudes Dual Force Sensing Resistor Box x2  
  Dudes Hex Force Sensing Resistor Box  
  Elby/Ian Fritz ED108 - ChaQuO Chaotic Signal Generator  
  Enclave 6U Case  
  Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator  
  Erica Synths Moog Parametric Equalizer  
  Erthenvar Freelunch 5v Regulator  
  Erthenvar Patch Chord  
  EuroTrash WAV Player  
  Evaton Technologies RF Nomad Voltage Controlled Shortwave Receiver  
  Expert Sleepers Disting  
  Flame Tame Machine  
  FOH Choices Joystick Controller  
  FOH PlagueBearer Quad Voltage-Controlled Resonant Bandpass filter  
  FOH Sound of Shadows Voltage-Controlled Digital Delay  
  Fonitronik MH01 Attenuverting Mixer  
  Fonitronik Attenuverting 5 channel Mixer  
  Fonitronik Cascade Triple Attenuverter/Mixer  
  Fonitronik Sequential Switch  
  Frequency Central System X Envelope  
  Gieskes No-Drums  
   Ginko Synthese TTLFO  
  Goike 6u Walnut Boat  
  Grayscale Algorhythm x2  
  Grayscale Binary  
  Happy Nerding Hearn Morley Voltage Controlled Oscillator  
  Harvestman Double Andore  
  Harvestman Hertz Donut Dual DCO  
  Harvestman Kuzminorgel  
  Harvestman Malgorithm - Voltage-Controlled Bit Crusher and Sample-Rate Reducer  
  Harvestman Piston Honda Wavetable Oscillator w/BSmith Expander ROMs  
  Harvestman Polivoks Amplifier & ADSR  
  Harvestman Polivoks Modulator  
  Harvestman Polivoks VCF x2  
  Harvestman Polivoks VCG MKII Generator Circuit  
  Harvestman Qotile Ultimatum  
  Harvestman Stillson Hammer Burst Generator  
  Harvestman Stillson Hammer MKII  
  Harvestman Zorlon Cannon VC Pseudorandom Gate & Pitched Noise Generator  
  Hexinverter Galilean Moons  
  Hexinverter Jupiter Storm  
  Hexinverter Orbitals Step Sequencer  
  Hexinverter Orbitals seqSquared Pattern Generator  
  Random Looping Sequencer built by HueMonContact  
  Intellijel Buffered Multiple x 6  
  Intellijel CMOS JK & D FlipFlop  
  Intellijel Dixie I Triangle Core VCO/LFO  
  Intellijel Dixie II Triangle Core VCO/LFO  
  Intellijel Dr. Octature Octal Phase Shifted LPF/VCO/LFO  
  Intellijel Dual ADSR  
  Intellijel Dubmix w/ Expanders  
  Intellijel HexVCA x2  
  Intellijel HUB x3  
  Intellijel Metropolis: Ryk M-185 Multi Stage Inspired Sequencer  
  Intellijel MindMeld LiveWire Vulcan Expander  
  Intellijel Multiple x4  
  Intellijel Mutamix  
  Intellijel Plog  
  Intellijel Quad Inverter  
  Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter  
  Intellijel Spock CMOS Boolean Logic  
  Intellijel µAtt x2  
  Intellijel µFade VC Xfader Module  
  Intellijel µFold Wave Folder/Shaper  
  Intellijel µScale CV Quantizer Musical Interval Generator x2  
  Intellijel µStep  
  Intellijel µVCA Dual VCA x3 with Variable Response Curve  
  Intellijel µVCF State Variable Filter/Sine VCO  
  Intellijel Planar Vector Joystick  
  Intellijel Quadra - Quad Function Generator  
  Intellijel Quadra Expander  
  Intellijel Rubicon Thru Zero FM Triangle Core VCO  
  Intellijel Unity Mixer x5  
  Kilpatrick KMIDI  
  Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator  
  Klee Shift Register Sequencer  
  Koma KOMMANDER – CV / Gate Motion Controller  
  Koma RH301 Rhythm Work Station  
  Ladik A-011 Dual Logarithmic VCA  
  Ladik A-012 Dual Linear VCA  
  Ladik C-040 Dual AD/AR Envelope Generator  
  Ladik C-211 DADSR Delayed Envelope  
  Ladik M-012 Bipolar V-Meter w/ Invertor  
  Ladik R-110 Random Clocked Trigs/Gates  
  LiveWire Audio Frequency Generator VCO  
  LiveWire Chaos Computer  
  LiveWire Dalek Modulator  
  LiveWire Dual Bissell Generator  
  LiveWire Dual Cyclotron  
  LiveWire Frequensteiner MultiMode Filter  
  LiveWire Vulcan Modulator 2 linear Cross-Modulating VCLFOs  
  Low-Gain Shortbus Dual Bus / Combiner  
  Low-Gain Electronics SubMix7 x2  
  Macro Machines Dynamic Destiny  
  Macro Machines OmniMod  
  Macro Machines Storage Strip  
  MakeNoise 5v Adapter  
  MakeNoise Analog Memory x2  
  MakeNoise Barrel Power w/ WM Bamboo Skiff  
  MakeNoise Brains  
  MakeNoise DPO Dual Prismatic Oscillator  
  MakeNoise Echophon VCDSP Pitch Shifting Echo  
  MakeNoise Erbe-Verb  
  MakeNoise Format Jumbler Mega Multi Banana Interface  
  MakeNoise Function  
  MakeNoise FXDf 6 Band Fixed Filter  
  MakeNoise LxD Low Strike Duo Low Pass Gate  
  MakeNoise Maths x3  
  MakeNoise Maths 2013  
  MakeNoise modDemix  
  MakeNoise MultiModeGate  
  MakeNoise Multiple x2  
  MakeNoise Mysteron Dual Digital Waveguide  
  MakeNoise Optomix x2  
  MakeNoise Optomix w/Grayscale Panel  
  MakeNoise Phonogene  
  MakeNoise Pressure Points x2  
  MakeNoise René Cartesian Sequencer  
  MakeNoise Rosie  
  MakeNoise RxMx "Cadavre Exquis"  
  MakeNoise STO Sub Timbral Oscillator  
  MakeNoise Teleplexer  
  MakeNoise Telharmonic  
  MakeNoise Tempi 6 Channel Polyphonic Time-Shifting Clock Module  
  MakeNoise WoggleBug Random Voltage Generator  
  MakeNoise Richter WoggleBug Random Voltage Generator  
  Malekko 8NU8R x2  
  Malekko AD/LFO  
  Malekko Wiard Oscillator  
  Malekko Output x2  
  Malekko VCA x6  
  Malekko Wiard Anti-Oscillator Analog Oscillator w/ Wave Shaping  
  Malekko Wiard Boogie Filter  
  Malekko Wiard Borg 1 Filter  
  Malekko Wiard Borg 2 Filter  
  Malekko Wiard Envelator 300 Series Envelope x3  
  Malekko Fade Analog X-Fade Module  
  Malekko Wiard J.A.G. (Joystick Axis Generator)  
  Malekko MIX 4  
  Malekko MUTE 4  
  Malekko Wiard NoiseRing  
  Malekko VariGate 4  
  Malekko Switch  
  Malekko Xmix  
  Manhattan 4x4x4  
  Manhattan Analog CP3 Transistor Mixer x2  
  Manhattan Analog CVP / Control Voltage Processor  
  Manhattan Analog E350 Morphing Terrarium Expander  
  Manhattan Analog ma35 VCF/A  
  Manhattan Analog Mix  
  Manhattan Analog MVP Manual Voltage Processor  
  Manhattan Analog VCA x 2  
  Mannequins by Whimsical Raps Mangrove Formant Oscillator  
  Mannequins by Whimsical Raps Three Sisters Spectral Filter  
  Meng Qi DPLPG Dual Passive Low Pass Gate  
  Metasonix R-51 Vacuum-Tube VCA/Distortion  
  MFB 24dB VCF  
  MFB Dual ADSR  
  MFB OSC-02 Triple VCO  
  MFB SEQ-02  
  Microbe Modular Meta Sequencer x2  
  Modcan Dual Delay  
  Modcan FMVDO  
  Modcan Quad Envelope  
  Modcan Quad LFO  
  Modcan Touch Sequencer  
  MonoRocket Base90 Burgundy Snakeskin 2 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket S9N SnakStar 90 Burgundy Snakeskin 3 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket Black M6c 2 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket White Snakeskin M6c 2 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket Burgundy Snakeskin M6 2 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket Mission9 3 Rows 90HP Portable Case  
  MonoRocket Gemini 12u Portable Case  
  Mordax Data  
  MST Dual Envelope  
  MST Dual VCA  
  MST Stereo Output Mixer  
  Mungo p0 Percussion Module  
  Mungo W0 Arbitrary Oscillator  
  Mutable Instruments Braids Macro-oscillator  
  Mutable Instruments Clouds Texture Synthesizer  
  Mutable Instruments Elements Modal Synthesizer  
  Mutable Instruments Frames Mixer/Keyframer  
  Mutable Instruments Grids Topographic Drum Sequencer  
  Mutable Instruments Peaks  
  Mutable Instruments Rings  
  Mutable Instruments Shelves 4-Band Parametric EQ Filter w/ Expander  
  Mutable Instruments Streams Dual Dynamic Gate  
  Mutable Instruments Tides Tidal Modulator  
  Mutable Instruments Warps Meta-Modulator  
  Ninstrument Modded Pittsburgh Oscillator  
  Ninstrument TENuation dual 10-turn attenuator  
  Ninstrument Zcard ZDSP Card Holders x4  
  Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron  
  Noise Engineering Basimiuls Iteritas  
  Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter  
  Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitus  
  Noise Engineering Integra Funkitus  
  Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas  
  Noise Engineering Mimetic Sequent  
  Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor  
  Noise Engineering Sinc Iter  
  Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix x5  
  Noise Engineering Tonnetz Sequent Triad Generator  
  Noise Engineering Variatic Erumption Dual BUrst Generator  
  Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor  
  Nonlinearcircuits Sloth Chaos Circuit  
  Nonlinearcircuits Super Sloth Chaos Circuit  
  Oakley Classic VCA  
  Orthogonal Devices ER-101: Indexed Quad Sequencer  
  Orthogonal Devices ER-102 Sequencer Controller  
  PAiA 9700fr Modular Synth  
  PinkNoiseTechnology OrangeMeetsPink eepRom for Harvestman DA  
  Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box  
  Pittsburgh Modular Expanded TimeTable  
  Pittsburgh Modular VILFO  
  Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope  
  Plan B Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate  
  Plan B Model 23 Analog Shift Register  
  Plan B Model 24 Heisenberg Generator  
  Plan B Model 25 Multi-tasking Audio Processor  
  Plan B Model 36 Leveler  
  Plan B Model 39 Wave Splicer  
  Plan B Model 40 Headphone PreAmp  
  Protek P-3502C 20MHz Dual-Trace Oscilloscope  
  QU-Bit EON x2  
  QU-Bit Nano Rand  
  QU-Bit RT60 DSP  
  Rebel Technology Λόγοι (Logoi) Voltage Controlled Clock Divider, Counter and Delay
  Rebel Technology Στοιχεῖα (Stoicheia) Euclidean Sequencer
  Roland Demora Modular Delay
  Roland Scooper Modular Scatter
  Roland System-500 VCA 530
  Roland System-500 ENV-LFO 540
  Roland System-500 PHASE SHIFTER + DELAY + LFO 572
  Roll Your Own Optodist Vactrol Distortion
  Roll Your Own Voltage Controlled Sequencer w/ Trigger Expander
  Scentury Cedar 6U 86HP Eurorack Case
  Scentury Cedar 15U 170HP Eurorack Case
  Serge Variable Slope Filter
  Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator x2
  Serge Xfader
  Serge Resonant EQ
  Serge C/M
  Serge PreAmp Detector x2
  Serge Variable Q Filter
  Snazzy FX Ardcore Programmable Arduino Module
  Snazzy FX Ardcore Expander
  Snazzy FX Dreamboat Dual Chaotic Oscillator
  Snazzy FX Handheld Chaotic Attractor
  Snazzy FX Triple-Light Sensitive Modulation Oscillator-LFO
  Snazzy Wow and Flutter
  Softwire Synthesis Custom 150HP 6u Case
  Softwire Synthesis Octal Voltage Controlled Switch
  Steady State Fate Mixmode & Expander
  Steady State Fate Positronic Transient Gate
  Steady State Fate Propagate
  Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow v2
  Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog
  Steady State Fate Vented Panel
  SSSR Labs VC Divider
  STG Labs .BAM Buffered Attenuator Multiple  
  STG Labs .COM Comparator & Divider  
  STG Labs .DIV Musical Clock Divider  
  STG Labs .VCA  
  STG Labs Graphic Sequencer  
  STG Labs Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter  
  STG Labs Sea Devils EMS Synthi Filter  
  STG Labs Time Buffer  
  STG Labs Trigger Sequencer  
  Studio Electronics Charcot Circles  
  Subconscious Communications Model 15 Complex Oscillator  
  Subconscious Communications Model 37 Elf LFO  
  Subconscious Communications Model 52 Vampire  
  Synovatron CV Tools Voltage Processor  
  Synthetic Sound Labs Modulation Orgy LFO  
  Synthetic Sound Labs V-Gates  
  Synthrotek 308 Distortion Module  
  Synthrotek 4093 Chaos NAND  
  Synthrotek Deluxe 5A Eurorack Power x2  
  Synthrotek DS-M Drum Synth  
  Synthrotek MST Expressor  
  Synthrotek MST VC LFO  
  Synthrotek PT2399 Delay  
  Synthrotek VCA  
  SynthTech/MOTM e340 Cloud Generator  
  SynthTech/MOTM e350 Morphing Terrarium Wavetable VCO w/ VC Morphing  
  SynthWerks FSR-2P x2  
  SynthWerks Lamp-2  
  SynthWerks PGM 4x4 Sequencer/Programmer x2  
  TabulaRasa Wavetable Oscillator  
  TipTop Audio BD808 Analog Bass Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio BD909 Analog Bass Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms  
  TipTop Audio CB808 Cow Bell Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio CP909 Analog Clap Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio HATS808 Analog Hi-Hats Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio HATS909 Hi-Hats Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio SD808 Analog Snare Drum Module  
  TipTop Audio Station 252 Silver Bullet  
  TipTop Audio TOMS909 Analog Toms  
  TipTop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer  
  TipTop Audio Z-DSP 24-bit Voltage Controlled DSP x 2  
  TipTop Audio Z2040 4-Pole VCF  
  TipTop Audio Z3000 MKii Smart VCO  
  TipTop Audio Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator  
  TipTop Audio Z5000 Voltage Controlled Digital Multi-Effect  
  TipTop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer  
  TipTop Audio μZeus w/ 168HP z-Rails  
  Thomas Henry/Fonitronik CMOS ADSR/LFO  
  Toppobrillo 281 Dual Function Generator  
  Toppobrillo Mixiplexer  
  Toppobrillo Sport Modulator  
  Toppobrillo Quantimator - Arabesque Arpeggio Quantizer  
  Trogotronic M11 VCA  
  Turing Machine Looping Sequencer w/ Pulses and Voltages Expanders  
  Turing Machine Looping w/ Grayscale Hybrid Panel  
  Rainbow Turing Machine Looping w/ Grayscale Hybrid Panel  
  The Halls of Valhalla ZDSP Card  
  Wiard 1211b Joystick Axis Generator  
  Wiard 1209b Joystick  
  WMD Aperture ColourCV  
  WMD Buffered Multiple  
  WMD Compressor  
  WMD Digital VCA  
  WMD Gamma Wave Source Dual Wavetable VCO  
  WMD Geiger Counter  
  WMD Invert Offset mkii  
  WMD uHC Expanded Micro Hadron Collider  
  WMD Multimode Envelope w/ Expander  
  WMD Multimode VCA  
  WMD PDO mkii  
  WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter  
  WMD Sequential Switch Matrix w/ Expander  
  WMD Synchrodyne  
  WMD Synchrodyne Expand  
  WMD Triple Bipolar VCA  
  WMD Variac ColourCV  
  Xaoc Devices Batumi QLFO  
  Xaoc Devices Bytom Impulse Integrator  
  Xaoc Devices Moskwa RotoSequencer  
  Xaoc Devices Poti  
  Xaoc Devices Warna Voltage Distributor  
  Żłob Modular CLK DV  
  Żłob Modular T.H. SVF  

Alesis M1 monitors
  Alesis Microverb4  
Alesis Midiverb3
  Alesis NanoCompressor  
  Alesis QuadraVerb Plus x2  
Alesis Quadraverb
Aphex Aural Exciter Type C
Aphex Aural Exciter Type C w/ Big Bottom
Art 4 Channel Headphone Amp
  ART Pro VLA II - Two Channel Vactrol-based Compressor  
Art Tube MP Studio Preamp
Art MultiVerb 2
Art FXR Elite II – Dual Effects Processor
  BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer  
  BBE MaxCom  
Behringer Composer
Behringer PX2000 x2
Behringer PX3000
Behringer UB2442 Promixer
  Behringer Truth B2031a Monitors  
  Behringer Bass Vamp  
  Behringer Vamp-2  
  Behringer VT999 Vintage Tube Monster Vacuum Tube OVerdrive  
  Bogner Alchemist Half Stack  
Boss HM-2
Boss OD-B2
  Boss RC-20 XL Phrase Recorder  
  Boss RDD-10 Digital Delay  
  Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler/Delay  
  Brother PDC-100  
  Bunger Designed Tapered Spring Reverb  
  Crate GT1200H Full Stack  
DigiTech MidiVocalist
  DigiTech Programmable Distortion PDS 1550  
  DigiTech RDS 8000 TimeMachine  
  DigiTech Studio Quad V2  
  DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro  
DOD FX90 Delay
DOD FX75-B Phaser
DOD FX105 PS Board
Electra EP-550 12bit Delay
  Electrix MoFX time synchronized FX  
  Electrix Filter Factory Analog filter  
  Electrix WarpFactory Vocoder  
  Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Russian) Distortion/Sustainer  
  Electro-Harmonix Black Finger Optical Tube Compressor  
  Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb  
  Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n Tube Distortion/Preamp  
  Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator  
  Electro-Harmonix LPB-2ube Stereo Tube Preamp  
  Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai  
  Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter  
  Ensoniq DP4  
  Eventide H3000 D/SE Ultra Harmonizer Effects Processor  
  Eventide PitchFactor  
  Eventide Space  
  Focusrite ISA One  
  Focusrite Liquid Channel  
  FMR RNLA7239 Really Nice Levelling Amplifier  
  Kenton Pro2000 midi to cv/gate convertor w/ DCB & dinsync24  
  Korg DL8000R MultiTap Delay  
  Korg SDD-3000 Programmable Digital Delay  
  Lexicon MPX1  
  Lexicon MPX100  
  Lexicon MPX200  
  Lexicon MPX550  
  Lexicon PCM91 Digital Reverberator  
  Lexicon Vortex  
  Line6 Pocket Pod  
  M-Audio AV 40 Monitors  
  Marshall G100RCD Full Stack  
Midiman MidiSport 2X2
MOTU MidiExpress midi patchbay
  MXR M-104 Distortion +  
  MXR Script Phase 90 w/ LED  
  Peavy Kosmos Sub-Harmonic Generator  
  PreSonus CL44  
  PreSonus FaderPort  
  PreSonus Firepod  
  Red Panda Particle Delay - Granular Pitch Shifting Delay  
  Rocktron Black Cat Moan  
  Rocktron HUSH Super C  
  Roland SDE-1000  
  Seymour Duncan DejaVu Tap Delay  
  Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverberator  
  Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo  
  Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay  
  Strymon Timeline  
  Symetrix 606 Dual Channel Delay  
  T.C. Electronic C-300  
  T.C. Electronic M-300  
  T.C. Electronic M-350  
  T.C. Electronic Triple.C MultiBand Compressor  
  Universal Audio LA-610  
Yamaha CH-100 Chorus
  Yamaha E1010 Analog Delay